»The only permanent thing is the change«. That's why we are in step with time and oriented toward the future. Only achievements that are measurable and clearly defined are taken into account, which is why we are a project oriented company focused on several operational areas. We participate in construction projects – equipment and furniture for catering facilities and hotels, urban equipment, individual equipment for houses and apartments according to costumer’s wishes and order. We have also experiences with restoration projects – producing replicas for museums and sacred objects. Due to wide knowledge, skills and resources we have, we are flexible to needs and wishes of our client.

Our work is manufacturing high-quality metal products, asembly services, online marketing and business services.

Our previous achievements:

  • more than 70 Art & Craft OZS certificates for finished hand-crafted products

  • 2nd prize for the Best Entrepreneur Idea of Bela krajina (10/20/2018)

  • developing a new brand that (in the implementation phase)

Vanja Žalec Stipanovič (CEO) graduated on 10/13/2013 with excellent and prize for best diploma thesis of Facultiy of Management with the thesis named »Supporting environment for the success of projects«. With a comprehensive study of foreign literature in project management and project success factors, I gained in-depth knowledge, which I am now implementing. I am authorized to supervise the optimal implementation of projects and audit of outsourcing. I am also responsible for preparing workshops for peer management for external clients. On the 08/08/2018 after successfully completed training for self-employment I founded Stipanovič d.o.o. company and hired my husband Milorad Stipanovič, who produces hand-wrought unique product for more than 20 years. The profession of his work is confirmed by Art & Craft certificates, which awards OZS - Chamber of Craft, Slovenia. One of certificated is the Black Pomegranate or the Black Cat brought him award of 2009 for best souvenir in Bela krajina. With the knowledge and experience gained by taking care of the operational level, it designs new products and places technical improvements and innovations.

Although we are the startup company, we cooperate with reliable, highly-qualified business partners and outsourcers. We highly appreciate and respect the reliability, consistency and responsibility for our actions, and in this spirit we do business and deduce commitments.

Currently we are in the development process of catering facilities and hotels. The interest of always bigger challenges is what runs us to extensive projects, where we can prove ourself and continue with developing.

Our mission is creating high-quality products and providing optimal solutions for clients in all areas of operation.

Short-term goals of our company are the new employees, placing new products on global market and founding new trademark.

Our vision is to become a well-established, world-renowned company and leader in designing the prestigious handmade unique products.